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What Travel Sellers Need to Know About Applying for Economic Relief

Join us for this informative session detailing information about the Travel Advisor CARES Act, developed as an Emergency Stabilization fund. Over $350 billion has been set aside for our industry and this webinar will explain to you if you qualify, what you need to apply, and how to submit your application. If you are an Independent contractor, a full, brick and mortar agency, or anywhere in between, this webinar applies to you! Register Now

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Legal Strategies to Protect Your Business Through Uncertain Times

It’s important that you stay informed and understand the various legal strategies available to help you protect your business in these ever changing times. Gather informative insights, tips and much more to help you keep your agency protected.  View Webinar

Use Your Client List to Increase Profits

Looking to increase your profits? Of course you are! Come and learn how to translate your most valuable asset (your client list) into a profit machine. Join Justin Osbon of Image Tours Inc. and Maggie Fischer of TIMA, they will let you in on some lesser-known strategies that profitable travel agencies are using to drive more leads, bookings, and revenues.  View Webinar

Send Your Clients to Explore Madeira, Portugal with Sagres Vacations

As the world’s leading island destination for 2019, you’ll want to get to know Madeira and all it can offer to your most discerning clientele. With its lush landscape dotted with waterfalls and almost endless deep blue sea, your clients will experience a true European paradise.View Webinar

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Better Together : Show Up, Level Up, and Never Give Up

Thank you to our amazing partners, agency owners, Shayla Northcutt, Owner, Northcutt Travel Agency and Tim Sawhook, Owner, Exclusive Travel Partners for their generous insights and inspiration with “Better Together: Show Up, Level Up, and Never Give Up”, featuring tips to elevate you and your business!

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